Brenda FEdorchuk

“Every thought we think
is creating our future.”

- Louise L. Hay


I’m delighted you’re here! I’m Brenda Fedorchuk, the founder and leader of Heart Centered Solutions for Sensitive Souls. I teach people how to reclaim their power in their personal and business life. 

You are in the right place if you:

  • Often heard growing up “you’re so sensitive”
  • Often experience overwhelm and confusion
  • Feel burned out, tired and plain worn out
  • Never felt good enough
  • Have racing thoughts that just won’t stop
  • Have difficulty being consistent
  • Try hard not to make mistakes
  • See what others cannot see
  • Feel deeply what others feel
  • Have always felt different

We live in a world of instant gratification. As a result, most of us are walking around, barely scraping the surface of having a true, deep and meaningful experience with life and then we wonder why we feel so crazy, exhausted, and worn out. We often cope by hiding our true selves. We become easily overwhelmed at the very thought of shining and cope by trying to fit it by pushing and striving until we burn out.  Meanwhile, we are fearful of finally being found out that we are not good enough.

The work that I do is to engage in a full, deep, true, and meaningful process with you. What I can tell you is, as a result of our time together, you no longer will just be scratching the surface of instant gratification but you will be truly connected with your inner guidance and with your true self and experiencing all the long lasting results that come from that:

  • living effortlessly with greater peace and ease
  • an ability to trust yourself
  • confidently own your own power
  • have greater control over your life.

You will no longer constantly be at the whim of outside situations and circumstances.

You will live your life from an inspired space, showing up as your true self, fully and completely as the leader of your own life, experiencing deeper more meaningful relationships, greater abundance and prosperity!